March 2012 Newsletter

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Dear Friends,
Attached is the HOHH March 2012 Newsletter.  Thanks so much to Hannah Ong & Marilyn Gaster for their pictures taken in Haiti in December.  The kids are doing well and growing up fast. 
Please pray for several groups going to Haiti this summer, and projects that they will be doing.  We are gearing up to continue finishing/improving the Valley House of Hope Orphanage, continuing work on our clean water projects, working with mountain villages to help fund their schools, help with a medical clinic and more.  We can do nothing without God’s direction, strength, and wisdom, and with the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Thank you & God bless.

Night at the orphanage, a school of sticks, incredible people

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Here’s a quick update on the recent Haiti mission trip–we will have pictures and more for you after Christmas!
A group of 8 went to Haiti on Dec 15. Four returned on December 21, and four more are staying a few extra days. The kids at both orphanages are doing very well, and were excited to receive their Christmas packages from their sponsors (THANK YOU!!). For the first time, we have a guest… room at the Williamson orphanage, and Mike (Bellamy) spent three days and nights there. There was not a lot of sleep to be had, and showers came out of a bucket, but it was great to have so much time to interact with the kids, workers, and community leaders. The community of Williamson is very supportive the ministry, especially the school, which is providing an affordable education for kids that would not otherwise be able to go to school. Mike met with the leaders to discuss how a community water project could help provide clean water for the community, as well as fund the school.
Several of the team also took “motorcycle taxis” up the mountain and visited two very poor communities that they had not been to before. Mike said he was so humbled, because at one of the villages, they waited all morning for the group, and then presented them with a meal, and had them go up front and talk, as if they were VIPs. When Mike spoke, he said, “I’m from the wealthiest country in the world. We have cars, and out teenagers have cars. This is not a sacrifice for me. You, on the other hand, are taking care of the orphans in your community the best you can, and you sometimes go hungry to do it. That is the real sacrifice.” This village has a school made out of sticks and they can’t afford to pay their teachers. They are taking care of 10 orphans. HOHH is looking to raise funds to provide families with goats to start getting on their feet economically and be able to fund their schools. we are realizing that we need to do more sustainable projects, so these schools and communities can fund their own education and move on to other villages. There is much more to say about the trip, and pictures to show. Praise God for His protection and guidance all year, and thank you for your support. If you are interested in making a donation before the end of the year, you can donate online

Merry Christmas from House of Hope Haiti!!

December 2011 Newsletter: Year in Review

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Dear Friends,
Attached is the Dec 2011 Newsletter.  We want to thank you for your prayers and support this year.  Some really exciting things have been happening with the ministry in the last couple months. One long-awaited answer to prayer is that we were finally able to have a very deep (190 ft) tube well dug at the Williamson orphanage, which will provide lots of clean water for the mission and in the near future, for the community!  The kids at the orphanage literally cried for joy when clean running water came out of a tap.
There is still a ways to go to finish up the orphanage and school buildings at Williamson, but we know that God will continue to provide what is needed at the right time.
Please pray for Mike, Nannette, and six other people who will be going to Haiti December 15-21.  We have some skilled workers going who will be doing some concrete work at the the Williamson orphanage. The group will also spend time checking (Jo Ann, our volunteer P.A., will be going)  on all the kids at both orphanages, visiting Pierre’s orphanage  and clinic, distributing Christmas gifts from sponsors, getting information and pictures for sponsors, working on getting the clean water community project together, and more.  They will also spend time encouraging and worshipping with our Haitian staff and brothers and sisters in Christ.
Again, thank you for your love, encouragement, support & prayers for the children of Haiti and the House of Hope ministry.
Mike & Lenore

September 2011: New beds, Proclaimers, and beginnings

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Check out this month’s newsletter: Sept 2011 Newsletter.

Haiti team home safely

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Dear Friends,
Just wanted to let you know that the team that visited our sites in Haiti returned safely last night.  Thank you for all your prayers.  God blessed their work there–they built much-needed steps to the cafeteria at the new orphanage, did VBS with the children, held a two-day seminar for pastors in the area, distributed clothes, shoes, and many other supplies to two orphanages and children in the community, did medical checks and administered worm medicine to children.  Several of the members made the grueling 3 hour hike to our church/school site in the mountain village and distributed more supplies and medicine there.  They did much more, and we are grateful for their love for God and the children of Haiti demonstrated through their service there.
I also wanted to mention that the HOHH annual meeting that was originally scheduled for this Sunday, August 7 will be postponed to a date in September or October. We will let you know when and where it will be held if you are interested in attending.
Thank you for your prayers and support!
Mike & Lenore

love and marriage Haitian style

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We enjoyed a wonderful end to our seminar today!

The pastors opened up, were honest, and engaged in the discussions. Pastor Bill did a great job of leading a discussion about relationships, marriage, and sex. He spoke about the need for men to be faithful to their wives, to love their wives, and to count their wives needs before their own. In Haiti, it is very common for men to have children by multiple women and they often leave their wife to be with another woman. Bill emphasized the need for Christian men to set an example for their congregations in their own relationships and marriages.

After this, Pastor Jake did a session with the men on preaching and the female leaders had the chance to lead a session for the women that was separate from the men. We asked the women what struggles they had and what obstacles they were up against. Many of them spoke of men who were unfaithful or who had more than one woman in their life. We encouraged them to wait for men who would love them and honor them and treat them the way Christ treats his church. We were fortunate to have two more mature Haitian women there who are both in strong marriages and could speak to their young friends with wisdom. We pray that God works powerfully in the lives of these women and uses them to touch the lives of many!

Before the close of the seminar, we handed out certificates for everyone who attended so that they can have proof of their ‘seminary’ training. I hope that the Lord continues to give us opportunities to come here and encourage and guide these pastors. I pray for this in part because it is so badly needed and in part because it is such a joy and a challenge for all of us to be able to serve them in this way.

Some of our team had the chance to spend the last two days with the children at Valley. They did VBS activities, medical check ups on some kids who are running a temperature, and get shoe sizes for everyone!

Tomorrow we will be worshipping at Williamson and then taking the Trou-Bagette (sp?) kidos to the beach for the afternoon. After all of the preparations and work that has gone into the last two seminar days, it will be a blessing to be able to sit back and enjoy some relaxed time with the children!

As you continue to remember us in your prayers, please pray for…

• Today we will join the church at Williamson for worship, and then we will take some orphans to the hotel for a fun afternoon at the beach. There will be many opportunities today to build/strengthen relationships with the staff and kiddos of House of Hope. Pray that we will have energy and passion enough to be present to people today, and to show the love of Jesus.

• If there are any loose ends from our work this week, we will work to tie them up today. Pray that no work will be left undone, and that we will have the presence of mind to know what needs to be done.

seminar day one!

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Today was another wonderful day in Haiti!

It was the first day of our seminar. We were able to minister to 43 Haitian pastors, evangelists, and church leaders. They came dressed in their best and ready to learn. The music was loud and the walls were lined with curious children from the neighborhood. Grace and I did a session on understanding and teaching the Bible. We focused on the importance of application, carrying God’s word in your heart, and how all of the Bible is about our relationship with God and our responsibility in God’s kingdom.

Pastor Jake spoke with the pastors about the importance of Christian character. He focused on how church leaders need to be willing to share their weaknesses with each other, lean on their Christian brothers, and work together to accomplish more. You can tell that many of these men and women are worn out and in need of encouragement and rest. Many of these pastors are working alone and isolated from other churches. We pray that they will continue to build relationships and support each other in their common work.

Before we left, we were able to have some time for questions. It is clear that many of these pastors have troubles that weigh heavy on their hearts and the most we could do is listen. During this time, we had the chance to identify some areas where people are misunderstanding what the Bible has to say and unsure of God’s promises. We hope that we will have the chance to address these tomorrow and that God will give us the words.

As we enter the second day of the seminar please pray…

• Please pray today for the Ministry Leadership Seminar and VBS! Please pray that the Holy Spirit would be in complete control. Pray that He will work mightily through us, so much so, that we will be convinced that it is Him working and not us.

• Pray for the safe travel of all of the many pastors and leaders who will travel for hours to attend the seminar. Once they arrive, pray that the Lord will give them rest and rejuvenation as they enjoy the conference. Pray that the Lord will tell us what these men and women need to learn to help the communities they serve.

• Pray for our teams members who will teach, lead VBS, continue doing health checks, and do maintenance work around the orphanage. Pray that we will be flexible if things donʼt go as planned, and that we will be sensitive to the Spiritʼs leading.

p.s. Sorry for no post last night! The internet was iffy and it was getting late!